Register your 2019 TLC Group
Please re-use your existing litter pickers/ cleaning supplies
Minimum of 2 people per group
Nominated Group Leader
As a group leader you will be the sole contact for your group. Please appoint a safety marshal for your group. This person will be invited attend a health and safety briefing (Schedule of meetings listed on website).
Group Address
I consent to be contacted via text about the TLC Campaign. I consent to my name being listed as a volunteer on the TLC Campaign. I consent to the use of my groups’ photo in TLC related social media, broadcast and print material. I consent that I am fully responsible for the volunteers in my group.
Fairtrade Tea & Coffee!
Yes, I would like for our group to be provided with Fairtrade Tea/Coffee for the event.
TLC 2018
Did the group participate in TLC in 2018 ?