On Good Friday, 3rd of April 2015 a massive clean-up day in both Limerick City and County took place. This was known as Team Limerick Clean-up (‘TLC’). We urged everyone to sign up and make their community spotless and as a result, over 10,000 people participated in what turned out to be Ireland’s largest ever one day clean-up! Due to TLC’s success, TLC2 took place on Good Friday 25th March 2016 where the number of volunteers grew by over 3,000!

The TLC initiative is sponsored by the JP McManus Benevolent Fund and is spearheaded by Paul O’Connell, Limerick City and County Council co-ordinates with the support of Mr Binman; the Limerick Leader and Live 95FM. Team Limerick Clean-up is one of the most exciting campaigns ever to hit Limerick, and we are delighted that the people of Limerick come out in force to do their bit to clean up the environment. The event requires a few hours of everyone’s time on Good Friday and getting involved is great fun as well as very worthwhile.

Team Limerick Clean-up3 (TLC3) took place last year on Good Friday, 14th April 2017. Once again, volunteers of all ages were encouraged to register and get involved in the campaign and almost 17,000 people came out on their streets to help with the clean up! TLC3 collected just over 68 tonnes of litter which would equate to approx. 2,600 household wheelie bins of rubbish. According to our group leaders, they covered the same areas but there was less litter to pick than in previous years – so TLC is clearly working!

Following the huge success of the Team Limerick Clean-up over the past three years which secured widespread national and regional media coverage, TLC4 is set to take place again this year on the 30th of March 2018. We will be encouraging volunteers of all ages to register and get involved in this year’s campaign. TLC4 is appealing to all fast food outlets, convenience stores, local/international companies across the city and county of Limerick to support the campaign by organising their own clean-up teams and encouraging their customers to dispose of waste responsibly and to get involved.

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Statistics for Team Limerick Clean-up Day 2017

500 Groups
16,779 Volunteers
298 Coffee Gatherings
9,000 Coffee Attendees